The Junior Achievement Challenge (JAC) is a multi-stage award scheme designed to engage, challenge and inspire young individuals to reach their full potential. By providing a structured programme, JAC intends to support individuals whilst they transition through upper KS2, whilst encouraging the participants to challenge themselves throughout the different stages of the award. JAC has been designed to be flexible and to meet every individual need. Every child is unique, as a result their individual award will be specifically tailored to suit their abilities and interests.


JAC is structured into 5 sections and projects, designed to inspire and engage the children in their own abilities, the local community; both ecologically and socially. The sections can be constructed to meet the unique requirements of every individual participant.


Our Mission


To inspire children to strive and succeed through the delivery of JAC providing them with the opportunity to feel empowered, valued and proud of their accomplishments.


The JAC Values


The JAC programme is governed by our core values.


Achievable by all – The JAC scheme is designed to be both accessible and achievable by any child who wishes to undertake the challenge, regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity. 


Balanced – It is the aim of JAC to ensure all participants receive a balanced programme to develop the whole individual, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Progressive – At each stage of the award, the scheme becomes progressively more challenging, demanding more time and commitment from the participants whilst more responsibility is given to the children.


Physically active – JAC promotes physical activity through projects and challenges to ensure children are physically healthy.


Enjoyable and rewarding – Children need to find participating in the award enjoyable, self-fulfilling and rewarding. 


'JAC has helped me unlock new skills and shown me how to use them.'

'JAC has given me confidence and has taught me many new skills.'

'Camp helped us learn things about ourselves and each other.'

'JAC is a really fun thing to do that will hopefully help when I go on to do my Duke Of Edinburgh award'

'JAC is a great opportunity to get involved and try new things whilst learning and having fun'