The Challenges

The JAC programme is split into five sections; Fitness Challenge, Adventure Challenge, Skills and Hobbies Challenge, Eco Challenge and Community Challenge. Each section is designed to challenge to individuals across a variety of tasks. Each section of the award can be tailored to suit the participants interests and abilities. 

The timescale for each level of the scheme is the minimum required hours to achieve the award. However we would encourage children to progress beyond the minimum hours stated to ensure maximum benefit and hopefully develop a lifelong passion. 

Each participant will receive a child's work book. The log book is designed so they can record evidence for their mentors to sign off. Upon completion of each level of the award the children will receive their certificate and medal. 

Adventure Challenge

The adventure challenge is designed to encourage children to participate in adventurous activities outside their comfort zone. The challenge will develop the children’s teamwork, growth mind set, confidence and the ability to set achievable goals for themselves. The challenge is based upon the Outdoor Adventure Activities (OAA) within the PE National Curriculum.

ECO Challenge

The eco challenge intends to encourage children to develop a passion and understanding about their local environment. The children will plan, deliver and monitor an ecological project which will help improve an aspect of their local environment. The project will help the children acknowledge and understand their responsibilities within the environment and how they can sustain and improve a variety of aspects within their environment.

Hobbies and Skills Challenge

The hobbies and skills challenge is designed to encourage the children to undertake their own extra-curricular learning through the development of a skill or hobby that interests them. The challenge will help the children develop a new talent or skill, enabling them to participate in a wider range of activities, develop as an individual, grown in confidence and potentially become a more self-efficient individual.

Fitness Challenge

The fitness challenge intends to encourage children to take responsibility for their health, fitness and well-being. The challenge is designed to encourage children to take responsibility and live a healthy lifestyle by considering and altering their diet, participating in regular physical activity (in addition to their Statutory PE lessons) to improve their overall fitness and monitoring their overall fitness levels.  

Community Challenge

The community challenge intends to encourage children to develop an interest in their local school and wider community by designing and delivering a project that will improve their community.

It will enable the participants to take responsibility for their community and understand their roles within it. The project will help the children develop a sense of belonging as well as promoting teamwork with their peers and local authorities they may be working alongside.