JAC is all about you as an individual. You have 5 challenges that you need to complete, and the best part of it is, you get to choose what activities you want to do. You choose the activities that you are going to enjoy. Whether you are stamp collecting, rock climbing, a keen sportsman or happy painting beautiful works of art, there is an activity out there for everyone

JAC is a multi-stage award scheme designed to help you develop as an individual. It will encourage you to challenge yourself  through a variety of activities and projects and give you the opportunity to learn new skills .

The scheme is divided into  5 areas; Hobbies and Skills, Fitness, Adventure, the Community

Project and Eco Project. Choose your own activities, gather your evidence and succeed.

Participating in JAC will help you develop your confidence, teamwork, resilience, 

independence, and inspire you to reach your full potential whilst having fun with your friends.

It is up to you when you complete your JAC award. You could spend a weekend completing one section, or spread it out across a term.  You can complete your hours on your own or with friends. Upon completion of each level you will receive your certificate and medal.


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The Challenges

This is what the children have to say


'JAC has given me confidence and has taught me many new skills. After doing our first camp away from home it gave me the confidence to attend PGL'. Nyah-May

'JAC has helped me unlock new skills and shown me how to use them'. Harvey

'JAC has given me the opportunity to learn new things. My favourite activity has been axe throwing.' Kojo

'My favourite parts were camp because they helped us learn things about ourselves and each other. I have learnt how to light a fire using cotton wool and sticks.' Becky