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JAC is a multi-stage award scheme which provides all 8-11 year olds with the opportunity to develop a range of skills to support them throughout their lives.  The JAC programme is split into five sections; Fitness Challenge, Adventure Challenge, Skills and Hobbies Challenge, Eco Project and Community Project.

The JAC award is designed to enhance and stimulate the individuals learning and develop lifelong skills. Our carefully structured programme of progressive projects and challenges, inspire, encourage and educate the children to succeed, regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity. 

Our programme is guided by our core values, these values help your child develop their confidence, resilience, problem solving and team work skills, whilst overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way. At JAC we believe every child has an endless amount of potential and can achieve great things through the completion of the JAC award.


Parent Testimonials

'JAC is an amazing chance for your child to grow in confidence and as a person. They have the opportunity to try many activities that would not usually be available to them like axe throwing, but don't be scared they have amazing and responsible mentors leading them through'

'Thanks to JAC, Aimees confidence has grown beyond belief. She's done so many things she would normally never had opportunity to do. And done it with some amazing friends.'

'My daughter has learned and enjoyed many great skills over the last 2 years, she has learned how to be self sufficient at camp, cooking with her camp mates and the confidence to try almost anything. I would whole heartedly recommend JAC to anyone. A fantastic way to build confidence, learn life skills whilst having a complete blast with their friends.'

'Chloe has come on leaps and bounds with her confidence and has been learning some very valuable life skills thanks to JAC....and I am so pleased that my youngest daughter has now been given the opportunity to attend JAC.'


The Challenges


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