Meet the Team

Barry Cook
Director, Schools Co-ordinator

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Lasagna 

Favourite book: Grandpa's Great Escape

Favourite Film: Harry Potter and Star Wars

Hobbies: Hockey, Cycling, Camping and Hiking

Star Sign: Taurus 

About me: I am currently a year 5 primary school teacher in my fifth year of teaching. I am PE specialist trained and love the great outdoors. It's not uncommon to find me and my class outside; exploring, adventuring or challenging ourselves. 

Growing up, I spent my youth within the scout movement, progressing through each section and later on becoming a Beaver and Cub leader. I have developed a passion for adventure and thrive in the outdoors. You will often find me camping in the middle of nowhere, kayaking down a river, cycling through the toughest terrain or hiking up a mountain. 


 During my time at primary school I received very little opportunity to participate in anything remotely adventurous and the only sport that was on offer was football. 

I am determined to provide all children, regardless of backgrounds or ability with the opportunity to really challenge themselves, learn new skills, achieve goals they would previously have never thought possible and become part of their local community. 

Working with Julie both as a colleague and as a parent has demonstrated our similarities and passion for working with children and providing them with these fantastic opportunities that we are creating within the JAC scheme.

Julie Steel
Director, Secretary

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Food: Chilli

Favourite book: Secret Garden

Favourite Film: Wuthering Heights

Hobbies: Camping, Dogs, Rugby, 

DIY and my new hobby Axe Throwing

Star Sign: Capricorn

About me: I currently work as an administrator in a busy primary school where the opportunities children receive are wide. Working closely with Barry we offer the children a range of extra-curricular activities, both on and off site. 

I am a Mum to three children, all of whom have received a variety of experiences through the scouting organisation, police cadets and a range of sporting activities. Working as a Rainbow leader for 9 years I developed a passion for working with young people and watching them grow as individuals, knowing that I could make a difference. 

Growing up I was lucky enough to be the daughter of a Scout Leader who took me to every camp and activity the scouts did. By my mid-teens I was as good as any scout when it came to camping, chopping fire wood and lighting fires.

I have a great understanding of how these activities benefit young people throughout their childhood and provide them with skills for life.

As a result of all my experiences I have decided it is the perfect time to give something back to the community. My love of working with children has encouraged me to team up with Barry and create JAC.

 Teena Barber
 Director, Media Manager

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Roast Dinner 

Favourite book: Biographies

Favourite Film: Coyote Ugly

Hobbies: Shopping, Cooking, Camping, Archery

Star Sign: Aries

About me: I am currently working as a Learning Support Assistant within a busy Primary school, which is by far my favourite job to date. I love working with children of all ages, from reception all the way up to secondary school age.


Growing up, I attended Brownies and Girl Guides. After finishing Guides, I became a Young Leader. I would regularly attend camps and nights away and develop my love of camping and the outdoors.


I am a Mum of 2 children, who both enjoy attending various out of school activities such as Scouts, Cubs, Police Cadets, Hockey and as many other sporting activities as we can fit in!


As a family we try to go camping as often as possible, whether camping as part of JAC, a family holiday or just a weekend away with friends and family.


At JAC we all share a passion to help young people achieve what they think is unachievable, give them opportunities to do activities they may not normally do and have some good, old fashioned FUN in the process.


Julie, Barry and I are not just a great team, we are great friends too and through our friendship and dedication, we have created JAC.